Team Fortress New!

So, I haven't blogged in a while, so thats why I'm going to hit you with this, and a Portal review.

It all starts with the new heavy update. The biggest thing, I thought, was the new gamemode, Arena. In arena, you have only one life, and it plays like a team deathmatch. It has a slew of new maps, with 3 remixed ones and 2 brand new ones [and a whole new setting!].

My first match was in Ravine.


I joined a little late, and the team I was put on lost, which showed me a new mechanic. The 'bench'.
If you lose, you may have to sit out for a round.

The next new map is Lumberyard.


It takes TF2 out of the normal desert, and into a forest setting. I love it, because it makes the already perfect game more attractive.

So, to further show the new arena mode to you, here is a video I made.

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