Halo Fail...-o

Yea, so doing a vid on halo...sucked?

Sucked is the word.

Really, my mic wasn't captured properly.

Plus, trying to play Halo after playing all 3 is like....

I'll put it this way: Play Halo once, for like a minute, and you have already played the ENTIRE storyline of all three games.

Postal 2 will be for real next update.

Facing your F.E.A.Rs

Yea...the game itself runs at 5 fps, and filming cuts that in half.

I think Halo it is...

Officer, let me explain...

A "Let's Play!" Is a term referring to a video playthrough of a game, with a commentary to show the 'filmers' fears, thoughts, opinions, and explain parts of the game itself.

I think I'll try to play F.E.A.R, and I can guarantee I'll flip the fuck out.


Let's Gay!

Well, I think it's time for a post, and I will be planning a "Let's Play!" Of some games. I'm not sure which ones though.

For comedy, I plan on F.E.A.R. and Doom. For epic games, I plan o0n S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and :possibly: Half-Life 2. For shits and giggles, Postal 2.

Stay tuned.

Also Dwarf Fortress:

Fucking goblins...


Holy Shit



Catus Arcade

I got this awesome game yesterday, and I've been playing it since.

It's really a bunch of separate games, and each one brings something new to the table.

The games all vary, from retro designs, to one bad acid trip.


The collective gameplay is, in a word, addicting. You can play this collection for a year straight, and still find replay value in each one. Some more than others.

Take Seizure Dome for example. The game plays as a top down shooter, with excellent music and insane visuals, and is very combo oriented. The goal is to kill everything, and not get pushed out of the 'ring', like a sumo match.

Other games, like Shotgun Ninja, play as NES style platformers, where you jump around with your shotgun through various missions.


These screens and words hardly do the game justice, so I made this:

Now go play it.